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5010 Plank Road, Charlottesville, VA 22959
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Phone Number(434) 979-6452


Virginia has an incredible history when it comes to the life of the USA, and The Inn At The Crossroads is deeply entrenched in that story.


Dating back to 1820, this historic B&B is listed on the National Historic Register Bed and Breakfasts, and you really get a sense of the many lives that have crossed in the years before you.


Built by Joseph Garland, the property was home to his son Clifton and his wife Mary, as well as their 16 (yes, 16!) children. Three of their sons were even Civil War veterans.


The Inn At The Crossroads was originally known as the Crossroads Tavern, and was a stop for weary travelers. Today, it remains as a stunning, well preserved example of a 19th century tavern, having been the stop for such iconic names as Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson.


All of the guestrooms at the inn have all the modern amenities that you need for that romantic escape, yet the decor and energy captures what has made this inn special for nearly 200 years.


Each room have private bathrooms and 600 thread count luxury Egyptian cotton sheets. Every morning all guests are welcomed to the day with a delicious Virginia country breakfast every morning, with the dishes reflecting modern versions of historical favorites.


Each of the rooms have their own history too, giving that extra depth to your getaway. The Dabney Carr Room has a queen bed and is named after Thomas Jefferson's cousin who played an important role in the tavern's financing.


The Sarah Gillocke Room has a framed queen bed with 1920s puzzles as a tribute to the former local school teacher.  The Mary Sutherland Room has been named after the original innkeeper's wife with a queen four poster bed, and the Americana Suite features original WWI posters, as well as Lincoln and Washington memorabilia.


Any couples who want to bring the children, if they are over 12 years you have the option of the Tavern Keeper's Room - the original living quarters of the former owners and their 16 children.


Located near some fascinating historic sites, wineries, breweries and outdoor adventures, it's the perfect base to really soak up what's beautiful about Virginia.


They are just a 3 minute walk from the stunning Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards, and close distance to great bars and dining options


The Summer Kitchen Cottage is separate to the main inn, and was the original kitchen to the tavern. It's the only room that accommodates children under 12 years, but you get your own queen bed, bathroom and spa shower, with kitchenette and living room. Babysitting is available for an additional fee, and you also have a romantic working wood stone fireplace, available Oct 1 to March 31.


Tavern Keepers Suite is the only suite that can accommodate children over 12 years


The inn has such a fascinating history, it's worth reading up about it during your stay


- Breakfast Included

- National Register of Historic Places

- Virginia Historic Landmark

- Fireplaces

- Four-Poster Beds

- Panoramic Views


Jim & Janet

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