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3500 Lighthouse Boulevard, Lusby, MD 20657
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Phone Number(410) 474-5370

Just one look at the magnificently picture perfect Cove Point Lighthouse, and you will see why it is so special. 


Perched upon the edge of the stunning Cove Point in the charming state of Maryland, Cove Point Lighthouse overlooks the expanse of seemingly endless ocean stretched out in front of you.  This unusual and special romantic getaway option is a 2 1/2 story renovated renovated duplex, once owed by the former lighthouse keeper.  It is also the epitome of romance. 


This quintessential American dream duplex is divided into two units, each consisting of three cozy and romantic bedrooms and two full bathrooms.  The house is decorated with such care and charm, that you will feel like you are returning back to an old friend. You will see the attention to detail in every corner.


A large majority of the buildings beautiful and charming original features have been lovingly restored, including the gorgeous hard pin floors, and cast iron heaters.


Time will slow down here.  Experience complete escape as soon as you enter through your private entrance. Take the time to stroll along the beach that stretches out all around you. Known for it's history, collectors are often found picking up dinosaur teeth - just one of the reasons it's history makes it so popular and unique.


Watch the sun rise as you sit out on the beach, with just the sound of the waves crashing around you.  Experience the night curl around you as you relax in each others arms out on your porch with a glass of chilled wine.  Lie back, listen to the sound of the birds above you and watch the lights of the nearby town slowly come to life.


Treat yourself.  It’s a lighthouse.  It will be one of those moments where you feel like life couldn't really get any better.  You won’t regret it.


Take a stroll along your beach at sunset and look for prehistoric sharks teeth.  A beautiful and fascinatingly historic memento from your time away together.  The area is steeped in history, so as well as learning about the lighthouse and the surrounding area, delve deeper back in time.


Hire out both sides!  Ensure your complete isolation, and the whole cottage can open up into a large 6 bedroom experience.   You can book a 3 night, 4 night or week long stay.  Treat each other.  A great option for your couple friends to join you after a couple of romantic private evenings together too.


The lighthouse is still a fully functioning site, so during the summer season or tours of the grounds, it will continue to be in use.



- Historic

- Lighthouse Stay

- Balcony / Porch

- Ocean Views

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