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9953 141st Ave SE, Havana, ND 58043
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Phone Number(701) 680-0379

The story behind the Coteau des Prairies Lodge is beautiful.  Childhood sweethearts, courtship, and true love.  It is one that will leave you even more in love than when you first arrive at this absolutely stunning lodge.


The lodge is perched on the Coteau des Prairies, with breathtaking views of prairie farms and rolling fields.  This rustic yet refined accommodation is beautifully designed with native North Dakota pine.   We can’t speak enough about how beautiful the lodge is.   There is a warm, country atmosphere that greets you as you arrive.  Your experience will be blanketed in true homestyle charm. Pure, small town American charm and grace.


There are 13 stunning bedrooms are yours to choose from.  The 9 regular rooms are simply and beautiful decorated with different themes, that blanket the room with an air of calm and magic.  The suite has its own private patio which you can open up in the morning to enjoy your tea or coffee, and watch the sun rise over the surrounding pastures.   It also comes with a fully equipped kitchen should you choose to cook a special meal for your loved one, and a living room to enjoy a good book or a glass of wine.


The heart of the prairies is the prairie food.  You will feel the connection between the farmer and the produce, as you indulge in sumptuous meals that came from the farms straight outside your window.  You will feel a true appreciation for the tastes, the land, and the meal.   They do have an in-house chef for groups, but couples will have their stunning and modern kitchen to cook up a storm - make sure you pick up some local foods before you arrive - the closest (limited) store is 9 miles away.  There are, however, a great number of dining options a short drive from the lodge.


Coteau des Prairies Lodge is a one-of-a-kind experience in the stunning North Dakota countryside.


The lodge regularly hold spectacularly fun dining experiences which are also open to the public.  These range from Prime Rib, Wine Dinner, Beer Dinner (you know you love the sound of that!) and BBQ Ribs.  These fantastic food festivals are a great way to really soak up that prairie atmosphere and have a great night surrounded by great people.


Get out into nature.  Here, it’s the outdoors is who you will both be having an affair with.  Take the time to go for a romantic hike with each other, finding wild flowers and appreciating the wildlife.  Take a picnic, read under a tree…hay rides and sleigh rides are available seasonally.  Get out into nature - just the two of you, and spend time alone with each others thoughts.  Take in the magic of the prairies.


The Prairie Wildflower Room is the only fully handicap accessible room so please ask specifically for that if you are needing assistance.



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- Continental Breakfast Included

- Balcony / Porch

- Surrounded by Nature

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