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9779 Royal Street, St. Francisville, LA 70775
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Phone Number(225) 265-2151

Barrow House Inn is an extraordinary bed and breakfast in one of the most historic settings you could find in the USA.


Located in St. Francisville, Louisiana, the Barrow House Inn offers two areas of which you can stay - the Camilla Leake Barrow House, and the Printer's House.

The suites in the Printer's House are some of the oldest in the St. Francisville Area, dating back to around 1780.


The Victorian Suite sees an elegant crystal chandelier hanging above an 1870s French queen bed draped with lace curtains. The floor features a beautiful needlepoint carpet, which compliments the 1860 hand-carved rosewood parlor set.


A fun fact for the movie buffs, it was in this room that an actress stayed whilst shooting a film for which she won Best Actress Oscar for.


The Empire Suite is a favorite with it's 1870 Eastlake bed. Once again, an impressive oriental carpet offsets the 19th century parlor set.


For those history buffs, it's worth exploring the hideaway suite, where Civil War cannonball marks can be seen in the exposed 200+ year old beams.


Alternatively, the Barrow House Inn itself features the Peach Suite and Rose Room. The Peach Suite is accented in peach with lace accents, and the Rose Room features a stunning 1865 four poster bed with full sunburst canopy that was created for a Mississippi plantation.


Then, every morning you will be treated to an incredible breakfast to start your adventure in this great southern state. Choose from the Continental Breakfast filled with pastries, breads and muffins, or the New Orleans style egg dishes.


The latter gives you the chance to experience Eggs Creole with three-cheese grits and sausage patties, or Egg Basin Street - and adaptation of the famous New Orleans wash-day dish with the incredible andouille sausage.


With a host of historic plantations surrounding Barrow House Inn waiting to be explored, as well as museums, gardens, historic sites and wineries, don't miss a chance to experience the stunning rich history of not only Barrow House Inn, but also St. Francisville too.


The property is about 37 miles from Baton Rouge.


Famous actors like Susan Sarandon, Kristen Stewart, John Malkovich, William Hurt, 
Josh Brolin, Eddie Redmayne, Maria Bello and even Mickey Rourke have all stayed at the inn!



- Historic

- Breakfast Included

- Four-Poster Beds

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