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Arkansas – an unobtrusive, and often overlooked state nestled between the infamous deep south and good old fashioned middle America. Yet Arkansas is a melting pot of magic, from the beautiful forestry of the Boston Mountains, to the mighty Mississippi river hugging the state line.

During Fall, this stunning state becomes one of the best places in the country to see those brunt oranges and deep brown tones of the fall foliage. Nature licks it’s coat of paint onto the majestic mountains and endless valleys. People travel to the state just for a fall vacation, taking on an array of stunning scenic drives along the countries incredible byway system just to gaze in amazement.

But Arkansas is not just scenery – it’s a nature lovers paradise. Camping, mountain biking and hiking await you and your other half, where nature welcomes you as one of it’s own.

History lovers can immerse themselves in the historic Civil War routes, and food and wine lovers will be in paradise as this BBQ state shows you what it’s really made of.

Arkansas is the state where you remember why life is an amazing gift.

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