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There is no denying the beauty and grandeur that is Alaska. This breathtaking state is a gem of crystal clear blue waters, stunning mountain peaks capped with soft fluffy snow, and low hanging clouds that gently hug the landscape. It is remarkable, and there is a crispness in the air which makes it feel untouched from the rest of the world – almost feeling like it is yet to be discovered.

The beauty of Alaska, is it is a state that you can travel across the whole year. Don’t discount the colder months – the stunning colors of the Northern Lights will dance across the sky in a performance that seems to be just for you, and it’s the only time to experience their famous winter festivals.

Alaska can give you rich history, incredible wildlife, and beautiful flavors. It’s the USA’s gleaming diamond gem gently perched out on it’s own waiting for your romance to blend with hers.

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