We are simply a very much in love couple, both also completely in love with the USA

We love to travel together, surprise each other, and treat each other to unique and wonderful experiences. During our recent time away together around the West coast, we stayed in a number of truly beautifully romantic hotels. We experienced some incredibly magical moments, and we had some times we will never forget. During our research for the trip, we found finding these diamond accommodations quite a challenge. We spent time pouring over numerous websites searching for the perfect place to stay in. We were quite specific with our search. We wanted views. We wanted fireplaces. We wanted atmosphere. We struggled, and thus Romance The USA was born.

Romance The USA was created so other loved up couples can easily find a number of high quality, romantic and truly special hidden gems, from right across the country. Each one has been hand-picked by us, and we aim to travel to each and every one of them. Each of these accommodations is unique. No hotel chains. No generic rooms. Each accommodation has a story.

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We love the idea of celebrating the romance across the USA. We support independent owners who just want to make couples like us happy. We love the idea of helping other couples have the experiences we have had.

We hope we can help make your time in the beautiful United States together completely unforgettable. We will continue to search for stunning additions from across this amazin country, to not only add to our website, our own lives, but also yours.

We welcome any suggestions that you may have experienced that we have yet to include in our website.

This is a collective celebration of love from right across the USA.